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There's always time to learn

posted May 11, 2019, 8:10 PM by Evan Morrison
I'm starting out all over again. I've not been spending the time I'd like to make sure I'm in front of the pack as much as I used to be. So here I'll be making notes on my progress. Over the coming months, I'll be tackling the following items in order to beef up my knowledge. 

  1. Financial Planners Course - I started a Financial Planning Course with Monarch in 2017 and am nearing the end with one module to go on Risk and Insurance. This is first cab off the rank for me as this does actually have a deadline of Aug 2019. 
  2. Math + Python - I've been putting these off for a while. I've dabbled in Python; however, now I'm committed to getting fully on the bandwagon. I've noticed more and more that I'm using java for scripting tasks, this has been because my python hasn't been up to scratch. I've got two books that I'll be working through: Doing Math with Python and Python Crash Course. 

That's my start. From there we'll see what interests me next.