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The Trouble with Standards

posted Feb 20, 2013, 3:02 AM by Evan Morrison

Short post today:

Two days ago I was finally given great news that one of my supervisors had managed to final get a hold of the bpmai model repository. Unfortunately it was all in JSON format collected using the Signavio toolkit. Signavio is a fantastic modeller and the modeller I generally encourage students to use for lightweight modelling (when it is too cumbersome to install Activiti). This is completely understandable; given that the models are in BPMN1.0 and BPMN2.0 format which I believe Signavio has managed to encode in a single format (haven’t had much of a look at the BPMN1.0 JSON files yet). So as I was re-writing my BPMN parsing classes for TextSeer to incorporate the Yaoqiang BPMN2.0 loading classes I decided to try my hand at incorporating a quick and dirty JSON parser.

After a day of messing around I’ve managed to whip up a parser repository at I had hoped to link the classes with jBPT a little better than I ended up with, because it appears that they also have a different JSON format for BPMN models, unfortunately their code is not nearly as nice as Yaoqiang to pull apart and the Wiki documentation on the jBPT site is horribly outdated.

It’s saddening to think that both of the Academic initiatives were unable to meet the BPMN2.0 standards, seeing as it’s academia that is driving forward research in the space.