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Evan Morrison holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Wollongong with majors in Secure Distributed Systems and Software Development along with a Ph.D. in Computer Science where his area of research was artificial intelligence applied to process management. 
He has given presentations around the country and internationally in New Zealand, South East Asia, and Europe. Evan even has prepared a patent application based on search technologies. He is a regular at technology centric meetup groups across Sydney. 
Evan is currently, a director for eHealth consulting company Progression Logic who develop business intelligence systems, and the principle of Expert Decisions which provides research and innovation based services in various industry sectors including logistics, finance, and media. Evan has also played crucial roles in the support & development team of the Centre for Oncology Informatics, the Wollongong Carbon-Centric Computing Initiative, the Australian Service Science Society and the Decision Systems Laboratory. Previously he has been Vice President of the ICTI cluster in Wollongong. 

My old research page @UOW DSL page:  http://www.dsl.uow.edu.au/~edm92/


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